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Alexa is a web organization that gives web traffic information and other advertising measurements dependent on data it takes from around the web using different toolbars and internet browser augmentations. Even though Alexa runs various administrations and has also been engaged with some eminent ventures previously (like giving a database that filled in as the reason for the making of the Wayback Machine), its most noted administration or instrument is "Alexa Rank." Presently, "Alexa Ranking" is a metric that positions sites in the request of their prevalence. It is a global positioning framework that uses web traffic information to make a rundown of the most mainstream sites on the Internet in connection to use. 

This rundown does not contain ALL the area names on the planet. However, it includes a great many them. The main reason a space name may not be incorporated (generally naturally) in Rank in Alexa is if it isn't mainstream enough as far as the number of individuals visiting or utilizing it. If you are an online marketer and have a website of your own. It is essential for you to check the rank of your site. It is necessary for you to check the status of your keywords on google.

It is beneficial in your business of success. It's essential for every internet marketer to focus on the internet strategies that help him to get more traffic from the search engine and increase the page rank in the different search engines. Now a day's internet marketing is getting very famous. It is going to be very advanced nowadays. Every internet marketer tries his best to rank on the first page on the google search engine. The more his site is famous; the more he gets the page rank. Every internet marketer tries to beat all his competitors and want to sit on the top position so, there are a lot of tools are made for you check the rank and status of the keyword in Google. 

Alexa rank checker tool is the first tool which made to check the status of your website on google. Nowadays in this era of the world SEO is getting more famous among all the people and internet marketers. SEO is getting more famous because of its plans and packages. SEO has more strategies to rank the site in a couple of months so, useful tricks and tips of the SEO are required to classify the site and increase the page rank. SEO is beneficial for you to rank the website and get famous. In this fast-moving world Search engine optimization is the biggest thing for you to classify because of it the era of e-commerce business, so a lot of SEO tools are available for you. 

Working of ALEXA Rank Checker

This tool tracks the status of the website in the search engines. If your position is not good by these tricks, you can use the different tips to get the rank.

  • It is not only helpful in checking the Alexa page rank but also tell you about the Google page rank of the website. 
  • You can check all the backlinks by the tool and can replace the broken and bad links of the website which are affecting your site status. 
  • It is vital to check out your competition in the google, so this tool helps you out to check out all of your competitors in the search engine. 

Alexa rank checker has become one of the most famous tools all over the world in checking the status of the website. This system helps you to check out all the statics and ranks of your position. These two things are the most influence for you which makes this tool much famous among all internet marketers. First one is the number of visitors which visits your website and the second one is the number of page views. 

If you are worried about this tool that you are not finding the right Alexa rank checker tool, a lot of websites offering this tool but all of them are not give the exact result which you want. Our website is also serving this to for you. Our website tool will provide you with an accurate result. There are two versions of this tool available on the internet. First one is a free version and the second one is the premium versions.

All of the websites offer both two versions. We are also giving both of two versions to you. Just go on to our website and paste your site link in the free version of Alexa rank checker, I am sure that you will impress by the features of the free version of our tool and then with the time you will also use our premium version. 

Before using our tool, you must know that it will tell you the gap between you and your competitors. It will make a graph of the traffic for you of your website. You can check the SEO tips and trick you are using are impressive or not for you then according to the result you can change your working to rank the website. You can check your site running and traffic on a daily basis in just seconds by entering your website URL in our tool.

If you are working on a tiny business or new in this business and you cannot afford the price of the premium version then for your small business free version is very suitable and if you are the company is growing day by day, and you are working on big projects then premium version is essential for you. Both of these versions have importance on their own. You should use both versions. 

That’s all about the Alexa rank checker tool so thank all of you are being here I hope you must use our tool. Do not forget to comment.