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How does Blacklist Lookup Tool Work?

There are billions of people using the internet on their different devices, and millions of the websites are working on the internet. The owner of those website wants to save their websites from the Malware and hacking. They do not want their website could land on the blacklist. They want their sites to remain legal all the time. It is tough for you to get removed your website from the blacklist.

There are tools available on the internet by which you can transfer your website from the blacklist but there is no guarantee, so it is essential for you to make necessary measures to save your sites from the blacklist. Do not ever buy links form the untrusted websites or do not fall on an offer of getting links to boost the ranking of your website in the search engine.

Search engines are excellent and up to date. If they see that the backlink of your website is coming from any blacklist website, they will show spam off your site. Let your team and website to grow by natural work. Do not ever go into the offers of boosting the website. 

Blacklists for Smartphone

Many incidents happen that the mobile has stolen. You hear many of the mobile phones taken episodes daily. If the owner of the mobile phone knows his mobile phone's IMEI number and reports it, “it can be placed in the blacklist and cannot be used by the thief.” If the stolen cell phone is recovered, then the owner of the phone must remove it from the blacklist to use it. 

Backlisted Websites

There are hundreds of databases on the internet that keep records ‘abusive hosts. Email service providers and ISPs see at these lists to preserve them users from potential Malware, viruses, and much other harmful stuff. There are so many blacklist sites lists that it displays virtually impossible for a webmaster to check if his/her website is listed on any of the websites.

Therefore, you want to use a tool to check if your site is on any blacklist. If it is so, you must take steps to have it eliminated from the list. You can practice Google analytical tools to check the Google blacklist list. A website could go on a blacklist if the website owner chose to transfer emails advertising a new product to thousands of persons. If one or some of the recipients of the mail lists it as spam, the email service provider might put the website on a blacklist.

In a separate scenario, if you see that your regular site visitors have dropped off and the traffic to your site has ended; one of the causes could be that your website has been blacklisted. Also, if someone is trying to sell a website to you; you must examine the site and see if that website is blacklisted or not. Some companies are running the blacklist service on the internet. Email service providers verify if a site is blacklisted with DNSBL or SURBL.

Email service providers use these services to work and reduce spam mail before it reaches the user. Any DNSBL service providers use a kind of criteria to list and delist site positions. Spam filters used by email service providers use DNSBL help as the front line of protection. SURBL is not the first line of protection in reducing spam mail. It includes a directory of websites that have been blacklisted for appearing in the text of spam emails. These procedures are practiced by email service providers as their first line of defense on spam mail.

Blacklist Lookup Tool

No owner wants his website listed as spam by the search engine. If a site is blacklisted by Google, then it means that the existence of the website is going to end. There are some reasons for listing a website blacklist. Reasons are mentioned here below. 

  • If any website includes in spamming, then it could be blacklisted.
  • If any website is suspected as hacking of other sites. 
  • If a website has backlinks of the untrusted webpage, then it could be blacklisted. 

If you want to check that if your website is existing on any blacklisted webpage, then you can visit our website to correct that. Our website is providing this tool for you. This tool is very reliable for you. To use this weapon, you must know the IP address of your website. Open the machine and put the IP address of your website in the search option and click on the run button to check. The device will tell you either your site in the DNSBL list or not.


In this article, I have told you about the blacklisted website and how to check your website existence in the blacklisted or not. No one wants their website go into any blacklisted spot so you must care about your site. It is essential for you to check your website by this tool daily. Also, share this report with your friends so that they too can get aware of this and can escape through it. Stay connected with us for more information like this. Give feedback to motivate us so that we will get more useful information for you.  

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