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About Class C Ip Checker

How does Class C IP Checker tool work?

Every device that connects to the internet assigned an IP address. These IP addresses are used to locate other devices on the connected internet. IP address stands for the Internet Protocol Address. An IP address is a 32-bit binary address which more consist of two subaddresses. These subaddresses are used to locate the host and the network. This IP address consists of four sets of numbers which ranging from 0-255 and those sets are separated by the (.). Here is the example of the IP address. 168.78.100.o

IP Addresses Classes

There are five classes of internet protocol address which is described here below. 

Class A: 

The first set of class A is always 0. it just leaves the 7seven numbers for the network portion of the address. Class A always ranges from to; it means that there could be only 128 numbers in class A. 

Class B: 

The first bit of Class B is always set to 1 and the second bit of Class B is 0. it means that we can assign Class B to the 16,384 networks. Class B ranges from the - 

Class C:

The first and the second bit of Class C is always 1, and the third bit of Class C is 0. it means that we can assign this network to the 2,097,152. The numbers of this class range from -  

Class D:

In this Class D, the first three bits are always set to one and the fourth bit set to the 0. This address of this class is used for multicasting applications. The numbers in Class D range from - 

Class E:

Class E is saved for the experimentation and examine and never used in stand form.

C Class  IP:

Class A and Class B are saved for very large and big sized companies. Class C is the most famous type of the IP address, and it is used for the small companies and most used IP address. Small and medium-sized companies which provide internet services buy a pool of Class C which they assign to their clients. Internet Service providers offer shared or dynamic IP addresses to their customers.

The reason for this is that they are divided, cheaper and most popular in the world. The shared IP address is not available all the time means 24 hours, when there is no traffic on the website, then the IP address IS given to the other network. The most famous thing about the dynamic IP address is that they are cheaper and good for the website. It is also good for that user which are not the heavy users of the internet.

If you are sharing your WIFI with the five other members, then you will be assigned a dynamic IP address. When you are not available on the internet, then your IP address will be given to that user who has newly signed in. This IP address will be provided by that Class C which your internet service providers have purchased. 

Dynamic IP addresses are shared across the world, so there are dangers associated with them. If your website is connected to a dynamic IP address, then it can affect your ranking in the search engine, and your SEO efforts will be wasted. As a website which is sharing the IP address is blacklisted, then your website will also be blacklisted. If a search engine blacklists a site, it does not blacklist it by its domain name, but it blacklists it by its IP address.

As IP address is the unique identifier of any domain so when a website is blacklisted, then the internet service provider assigns a new IP address to that website which was sharing the IP address with that website which has blacklisted by the Google. Internet service providers install the firewall and the other necessary applications to make their hosting service providing work clean. 

Class C Ip Checker Tool

If you have newly bought any hosting, then you must be curious about knowing the shared IP addresses website because it mostly happens that the IP address given to you is shared with the other sites also. There are tools available by which you can check the shared domain with your IP address. is the website which is offering you this.

If you want this tool, then visit our website and open the Class C IP checker tool. Wait till it began. In the display, page enters the at least two domains name and maximum twenty domains name. After opening the domain name click on the check now button and the tool will start to check your result. The result will show you the host which is sharing the Class C Ip address with you. If the result is valid, then keep in mind that everything is ok. 


That’s all the detail about the IP address. I have described all the Classes of the IP address. By reading this article, you will be able to understand all about the IP address, and I also have told you about the website named with by which you can check the shared IP address of your domain. Share it with your friends so that they also can get benefit from this. Give feedback to motivate us. If you have any question, then you can ask us by commenting here on the website.