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If you are a webmaster, then you must know about the domain and also know about the importance of the old domain. If you do not know about it and want to know about the domain and the age of the domain, then read this article entirely. Because, in this article, I am telling you about the importance of the old domain and also about the tool by which you can check the age of the domain as the domain is the most critical key in the SEO.

SEO means search engine optimization. By doing SEO, you can rank your site and can earn a lot. When we walk to talk about SEO, then many factors are responsible for the ranking of the website. On Page SEO, Off Page SEO and keyword density which plays an essential role in the classification of the site. There is also a necessary factor about which we are going to talk about is the age of the domain which also plays an indispensable role in the ranking of the website. 

Importance of the Aged Domain

We already know that the old domain is essential in ranking than the newly registered domain. Google gives importance to the classification of the old domain than the newly registered domain. It does not matter that when you buy this domain, it matters when this domain was indexed in the Google at the first time because many people prefer to buy the old domain with good status than the new domain to rank easily.

Let suppose that a domain was registered 10n years ago and you buy it now then Google will not take it as a ten years old domain because it has already indexed in the search engine so Google will prefer it. 

Here are some factors regarding the importance of the old domain. 

  • For getting the Google ranking domain age is the crucial factor and mainly the part of the SEO.
  • It is also said that the website is neglected by Google when it is newly registered. For the newly registered domain, it is very tough for the webmasters to get the rank in Google. So there for most of the peoples do not prefer to work with the brand-new domains.  
  • According to Google the difference between a 6-month-old domain and a 12-month-old domain is very low 

Domain Age Checker

It is imperative to know about the exact age of the domain because it affects the ranking in the Google by the testing and experiences of the experts on SEO, it is cleared that an aged domain is better for you when you compete for the ranking. Google has also said that the old domain is better for you to get the ranking early. If you are an SEO expert and you are going to take any domain for you, then you must know about the importance of the old domain. Then if you want to buy the domain, then you will prefer the old domain to buy because it will easy for you to rank the old one. 

If you do not know pretty much about the SEO works and you are visiting on the Google to buy something, and you visit a brand website which is looking very impressive to you, and you never listen about the name of any of this website before. So, then you must wish to know about the age of the domain. Before buying something from that domain, you must try to know about the age of that domain.

Age of that domains means from how much time they are working on the internet or this business website. To know about the age of the domain from other people is tough so we have a tool for you by which you can easily find the age of the desired domain. It is not tough to use that tool. It is straightforward to use. You have to copy the link of the domain and paste in the machine. A device will tell you the exact age of that domain.


Here I have explained about the domain age now there is nothing for you to check the age of the domain because many of the websites on the internet are offering this tool nut there is something tough for you is that not all of those tools work accurately. Maybe some of them not work correctly so you must use the trusted website’s tool to check the age of the domain. Our website is trusted for you, so here we are offering the Domain age checker tool for you. You can use this tool for your purpose because it is the tool which will give you the exact result.

This tool is free for you to use. There are no charges to pay if you want to use this one. So, if you face any problem about this then do not worry and comment on your question in the comment section. We all are here for you to satisfy you with our work. Do not forget to like share and comment about us. Also, give the review to help us in getting the rank. For more update stay connected with us. 

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