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How to Check Keyword Density?

Keyword density is the ratio between the number of times a keyword appears on a webpage or in a piece of content to the whole content written. It is also called the keyword frequency which means a keyword appears in the material. Keyword density is a concept of Search Engine Optimization. It is essential to understand the keyword density because it impacts your website ranking as it also affects the visibility of your content on the Google web pages.

It is necessary to understand the keyword density to rank in the search engine. You are not alone who do not do the keyword optimization and the keyword density. Many bloggers are with you who neglect this, and they do not know how much it is harmful to you. If you are serious with your blogger and want to make money from your blogger, then I will tell you the importance of the keyword density and optimization.

SEO will help you to take your post higher on a focus keyword in the search engine. Before that search engine picks you up for a specific, he must know that you have something to say on a particular keyword then he will put you in the list of the searches. It means that your article describes your talent so the search engine will pick you up in the ranking. 

Keyword Density Checker

Keyword density Formula:

Keyword density is the main factor in the content so it can be calculated as a specific figure. You can also find the keyword density by the formula as divide the number of times a given keyword to the total number of words presented on the webpage. The resulting number will be keyword density of the page.

Keyword density is the main factor to be successful in the online. You make a lot of research on keyword, planning and making lists of keywords to be successful. All the entrepreneurs like you make a dream to be successful in the online. No company promises you to that one day you will be the number one in the online. No one in your life that will make you successful. Only you can make yourself unique. Your hardworking will make you successful in the online. Just pay heed on your keyword planning and keyword density as it is the main part of content writing and better content writing will make you successful one day. 

First of all, make better your keyword research. After the keyword research wisely use that keyword in the content. Use the keywords on that place where it describes your whole content. Usage of the focus keyword is significant. Do not use your focus keyword again and again in the article. You should use your keyword in the meta tags and the content correctly. Keyword stuffing may take your site in the spamming so be careful using the keywords. 

Every search engine gives importance to the keyword density, but all the search engines are different from each other. Google like 3% and yahoo like 5 to 6% keyword density. It will not be good for you to be against the guidelines of the google. Be careful in your on-page SEO. Put the main keyword in your heading, at the start of the paragraph, at the end of the sentence of your article, in the subheadings, in the hyperlinks and so on. Do this original works, and you will not fail. I am sure that you must not use your main keyword in the page title and description. It is the big mistake which you do.

Keyword Density Checker

As you know that both the page title and the story are shown on the search page so, you must use the main keyword of your article in the page title and also in the description. If you do not do, then it will be tough for your rank in the top ten and almost in the top 30. And now the final place where you should use the focus keyword is the title of the post. Do not focus more than 1 to 2 keywords on a page. And if your content is too full then you can target a maximum of 3 keywords in the article, not more than 3. 

The purpose of the on-page optimization is to tell the google that what you blog is mainly about. There is no chance for Google to guess it so tell him directly and in the simple words. Keyword stuffing will take your site in the spamming of the search engine so pay head on the keyword density. Do not take it as a joke as it is the central part of your success. If you are worried about the keyword density that you cannot understand how many keywords you should use in the article, then you can use the tools for this purpose. There are a lot of keyword density tools available in the online market.

So, you can use that tool for your help If you are worried about that you are not finding the exact keyword density tool which will give you the accurate result then I highly suggest you a device. Our website is also offering this tool for your help so you can visit our website to enjoy the machine. I am pretty sure you must get the exact result from our device and hope that this tool be helpful for you, 

That’s all about the keyword density and keyword density checker tool which are available on our site for your help. I hope you must use our tool and enjoy his features which are pure. 

Thank you for being here and reading the post.   


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