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What is an IP Address?

The word Ip address stands for the internet protocol address. It is an exciting feature of modern computers which allow them to communicate the other modern computers through the internet.  The IP address is mainly made for the contact of two machines. There are also some devices discovered which can access the internet and use the Internet protocol address to communicate the other computers or other devices.

The method can disturb or locate the Ip address of the billions of the servers which connected to the internet. The device user can also differentiate or change the Ip addresses of the devices connected to the internet. Internet protocol address is mainly a unique term which computing devices like computer, tablets and Android mobile phones use to identify itself. Any device which connected to the Internet protocol network must have a unique Ip address.

Dotted Numbers

The current IP Address (known as IPv4) utilizes a 32-bit number to speak to an IP address, and it characterizes both system and host address. A 32-bit number equipped for giving approximately 4 billion new names, and subsequently, IPv4 addresses running out as more gadgets associated with the IP arrange. Another form of the IP convention (IPv6) has been concocted to offer a practically great number of one of a kind location. An IP address is written in "spotted decimal" documentation, which is four sets of numbers isolated by period each game speaking to 8-bit number going from (0-255). A case of IPv4 address is, which is the IP deliver recently allocated to

 An IPv4 address separated into two sections: system and host address. The system address decides what number of the 32 bits utilized for the system address and the rest of the bits utilized for the host address. The host address can additionally be isolated into subnetwork and host number.

There is also a practical function which is using nowadays like if someone needs your mailing address to send you something like a letter, the remote computer needs your Ip address to contact with your computer. Internet protocol address mainly consists of your numbers with one to three amounts containing a dot in it which is separating the numbers from each other. The four digits of Ip address have a range of 0 to 255, and it may look like,

An internet protocol is a set of rules and regulations which govern internet activity and make it easy to complete many internet actions on the world wide web (WWW). Therefore, internet protocol address is a part of the managed layout interconnected grid which governs online communication by identifying the IP address of both of the servers and two-way connections possible. There are two types of internet protocol address. 1) Static Internet protocol Address 2) Dynamic Internet Protocol Address

Static Ip Address

This type of Ip addresses does not change. It is a permanent Ip address which provides the remote computers for locating or contacting you easily. They offer a reliable way to the remote computers to contact you. They find your laptop and check or hack your information's like continent, religion, and country in which your computer located. An Internet service provider (ISP) check that particular computer and find them and also their country.

Static Ip addresses are mainly preferable for those who use as VOIP (voice over internet protocol) or online gaming or any other online work where the user can quickly locate them and connect them. These Ip addresses are less secure as they are easy to track. The hacker or trackers can easily track them and use for the data mining process. However, to make your computer safe forever on this Ip address, you have to follow the safe internet practices. They can help you to secure this potential problem. You can obtain your computer by using any Ip address.

Dynamic Ip Address

These are not permanent addresses and change when you access the internet. They are taken from a pool of internet protocol address and shared among the various computer to use them. But the other type of IP address static internet protocol address is limited for use. Many internet service providers also reserved some portions for sharing among their subscribers. They are low cost and allow them to serve for more subscribers.

You can also track the dynamic internet protocol address by using the Dynamic DNS services which will enable the trackers to monitor your computer even you are using the temporary internet protocol address. The dynamic Ip address is usually applied one time for a laptop therefor they called the temporary Ip addresses. To secure these Ip addresses, you can contact with the Internet service providers.

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