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How Does Page Speed Checker Work?

Page speed or Website speed is the same thing. Page speed is also called website load time. We can say that the time which a site requires to load its all the content available is called the Page Speed. It is also the time which a web browser needs to load all the content from the server. Internet users cannot want to wait for some time to load a website therefor website speed is a crucial point in the search engine optimization.

If you are the webmaster, then you must need this tool. The tool is about checking the loading speed of any website. It is the only tool which can tell you that your site is loading fast or not. It is the only tool which can provide you all the information about the speed of the website. The Website speed checking tool can give you all the info from loading files to image. Keep in mind that if a site has good loading speed, then it will get a good position. 

Importance of Website Page Speed

We recommend to all the webmaster and SEO experts that they should keep an eye on their website loading speed. Here the page speed tool is available on the internet. You can check it from here. If your website loads moderately then you will lose millions of your traffic because I have already told you that the visitors cannot wait more than 5 to 10 seconds for loading a site. Load in 5 seconds is the maximum time for a website. Therefore, you should check the loading speed of your website. 

Web Page Speed Test Tool

Many sites are providing this tool on their websites, so we are also offering this tool on our website. Here I am going to describe all the features of our machine. We will also tell you why you should use our site tool. We are here trying to provide you all the reliable and most efficient means to help you in search engine optimization.

We are offering this tool for you that you can check the speed of your website so that the users of the internet will get a good experience when they are visiting your site. The website loading speed is an essential factor in search engine optimization because some of the visitors do not have much tolerance in loading speed of the website. 

If you have a high bounce rate, then it is not good for your website because for increasing the browsing speed low bounce rate and standard page size are required. This is the only way to get more visitors and also the visitors will stay on your website. Then you will generate a handsome income from your site. There are a lot of web experts who are losing a lot of visitors due to slow speed and bad performance because they do not pay heed on the loading speed of the website. 

How to increase Page Speed?

Here are some excellent tips on the most proficient method to improve the Google page speed:  

Use suitable picture size – while adding pictures to your page, they should have the proper size because maximum size images can affect your high page speed. Use Compression Tools – many compression tools are accessible on the Internet today which you can use in compressing the large files. This can enable you to save bytes and improve page speed experiences. Use a magnifier device for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript – this is useful to examine a site and increasing page speed. 

To do this you can utilize a specific device to minify HTML, CSS, and JavaScript codes, it is the quickest method to evacuate extra characters, for example, commas and spaces in the content. After the minifying code, go for page speed test so you may get thought how compelling is HTML and CSS minifying. Utilize a Leverage Browser Caching Browser – it can help make a reserve for a cluster of data, so the program doesn't need to reload the entire page at whatever point a client comes back to that specific website page.

How to use Website Speed Checker Tool?

Website loading test tool is straightforward to use. There is nothing harsh in using this tool. The only thing that a user needs to do is that copy the link of the domain and put it in the search bar of the apparatus. Once you have done it now click on the search option so it will start to work on your domain. It will show you result in some seconds. This tool is high-speed at working. 


I have given you all the detail about the website speed and also the tool by which you can examine the rate of any domain. If you have read this article thoroughly, then you must know the importance of this tool and also the influence of the website loading sped. Website loading speed is an essential factor in ranking the website. By reading this article, you will understand all the things.

If you still have any question about this then you can ask us by comment here on our website, we will Ans you. If you think that this is useful information, then keep sharing it with all of your friends in this field. Like share and comment also to appreciate our hard working. Stay connected with us. 

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