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How does Server Status checker tool Work?

If you are a webmaster or SEO expert, then you must own some websites. If you are the owner of one or multiple sites, then you must check the SERVER status of your websites daily. Almost more than half people of this world are internet user. All peoples use the internet for their benefit. It usually happens that while using the internet you are not connecting to a website. If you are an internet user and your favorite website is not opening today. The only thing you can do for your site is that keep visiting the website and wait for the server’ up again. If you are a website owner and your website status is down, then you will contact the hosting service provider and ask them what wrong with the service today. 

The hosting service provider tries their best to available for their client for 24/7 of the time; they also face the issue. Sometimes the power goes, and the server gets down, and they do not have the power backup like a generator. If the server of any site falls, then the website also falls due to the server issue. There are so many issues that an internet service provider can face with time.

These are the problems which can occur at the service providers end, but there is also some issue which can be done at the user’s end. Like if the service is down and your service provider cannot connect to the internet, you will not join the internet, and your internet connection will take down. There are tools available on different website by which you can check the status of your site. The device will help you in this way that what is wrong with your website. Once you know the problem of your website, then you can quickly fix that problem. 

Server Status Checker tool

As a website owner, you must check the status of your website on the daily base as your website is working correctly or it has a problem according to its server. If you want to check the server status of your site, then there are many websites which are providing you with the Server Status checker tool. You can use that tool for your website. The machine is just straight to use.

The only thing to do for the users of this tool is to copy the link of the site and paste it in the search bar. This tool can check the status of hundreds of sections at the same time. When you will put the link of many domains at the same time in the search and will click on the start button, then it will show the result in codes. Different codes will display against each domain. The possible systems of status are these which are mentioned here below. 

  • 200: It means OK. It says that the status of your website is excellent and the server is returning the domain link for which you have requested. 
  • 301: it means that your site has moved to the new place entirely. All the subdomains and the data are redirected to the new location. 
  • 302: it means that the server has found a little problem. This URL will again use to see the site as this problem is just temporary. 
  • 307: temporary redirected is the same as the upper case 32. This problem is temporary, and the same link will use again to find the website. 
  • 400: it is a harmful impact. It means that the server did not get which thing you are looking for. 
  • 401: unauthorized access means that the server will not access to the site’s content without authorization.
  • 403: limited means that the server will not show you the content without authorization. 
  • 404: it is a standard error which you can find in many domains. It means that the domain is not found. It is a very frustrating error. This code tells you that the file which you are looking for is not available on the server. The server wants this 404 to check the links which are valid and which are not. 
  • 410: this code is the same as the 404. It means the file which you are looking for is not exist or not available. 
  • 500: it is also a frustrating error which shows internal server problem. It means that something is missing in your server.

By these tools, you will able to identify the problem with your website. By this, you will know how important this tool is for the webmasters.  


This article is about the server status tool. By reading this article, you will able to know the importance of this tool if you are a website owner. Now it is a must that you will use this tool if you want to use this tool then our website is also providing this tool for you. You can use this tool for our website too. To find the accurate result about your domain uses our tool. I have given you all the detail about this tool.

Now there is nothing harsh for you to understand and use this tool. The codes of this tool are explained so you can easily understand the problem with your domain and can fix it. If you still have any problem with this tool, then you can ask us by comment here in the comment box. We are available here for you at all the time. We will Ans your question. Do not forget to like share and comment. Also, give a review about us after using the tool. For more updates stay connected with us. 

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