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About URL Rewriting Tool

How does the URL Rewriting Tool work?

You can convert your long dynamic URLs into the static URLs by the help of this tool. This tool will help you to make short your long and dynamic URLs. This method is mainly used by the website owners, SEO experts or Webmasters because the short and static URLs are easy to use than the dynamic one for the end users.

Short URLs are easier to bookmark also. Static URLs also help them for optimization in the search engine ranking purpose. Making a website and ready it for the search engine optimization is a tough process. The small details even that URLs are also important for the website. These have a good effect on the website traffic and also page ranking. If you are web expert and still using the long and dynamic URLs for ranking then leave them because it's not the time for the long URLs.

You may locate some static sites on the web. A site that is giving data with no signs; it is likely a static site. These are regular in private ventures and organizations; they simply need to demonstrate their essence on the web. They don't need anybody taking their business name, and they don't do any business on the web. Static sites are generally less demanding to host and modest to create. Be that as it may, you should have somebody with HTML learning to refresh it.

Importance of URL Rewriting Tool

The URL Rewriting tool is simple to use and it works very quickly. You can convert your long and dynamic URLs into short and static by a single click. It works for you quick and free. You can use this tool for free. As it is easy to use so the only thing you have to do is copy your long link and paste it on the box. The tool will instantly provide you with the result so you can get the shorter link just in seconds.

The developer of this tool made this tool especially for the SEO experts to help them. Keep in mind that the static URLs are easy to index and they can rank your site quickly because dynamic URLs are the old fashion and they index in the search engine very slowly. You also can check your URLs by this tool. There are also some tools available on the internet for converting the link but first, you need to install that software into your PC.

By the software, it is not easy to shorten the URL. This tool is available on the internet all the time. You can convert the links at any time. This is easy than the software process. By this, you would save your PC space and also there is no need to pay anything for using this tool.

Importance of Rewriting URLs

Here are the reasons why it is necessary to use the URL rewriting tool for shortening the URLs.

First one is that it helps in search engine optimization because Google prefers the links which do not include the long strings.

Second is that if your static URL is user-friendly then there is a better chance that you will get the better ranking in the search engine. It will get more traffic because it looks user-friendly to many of the visitors.

The third one is that it will load faster. It will increase your website loading speed which is better in ranking. This could not be done with the help of dynamic URLs.

Static URLs are easy to bookmark than the dynamic one.

Static URLs are easy to remember and they are user-friendly.

They are easy to index as compare to the dynamic URL.

For this, you should make a file called ".htaccess" and put the code created into it. When you have made the .htacess record, at that point copy it into your site's directory. URL rewriting of this type will possibly work in the event that you are hosted on Apache Server. On the off chance that you have spotless and basic URLs (static URLs), significant web indexes can recognize envelope names and will almost certainly make real connects to catchphrases.

Since when as yet utilizing question string limitations, it might thwart in web crawler's endeavor to perform ordering on your site pages. Most SEO specialists state that dynamic URLs are not speaking to internet searcher bugs, though static URLs are progressively appealing to these crawlers which is useful in getting a decent page rank score.


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