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How does Website links Count Checker Tool Work?

As you know backlinks are the most critical factor in ranking the website. The website contains many types of links like Internal links, External links, do follow links and No Follow links. Tools are available on the internet for counting these links. If you start to number these links by hand, then it will be tough for you. If your site is old, then we can say that it is almost impossible for you to count those links by hand. Counting links by hand is a time-wasting work. Therefore, for your help tools are made for this work. By the help of the devices, this work will be easy to do for you. 

This tool is available for you on the internet. It is free to use. If you want to the county the internal links of your web page, then you can do it by the help of a tool. Webmasters and SEO experts count external links of their webpage on the daily base. They want to check how much websites attach with them daily. By doing this then check the quality of the site. This tool will help you in saving your money from paid advertisement and also pay for the getting link provider services. Link farms are those webpages or websites which are specially made for making links. 

Use of link farms is not good for your website. Google Search engine has specially made algorithms by which they can detect these kinds of activities. It will be harmful to you if Google recognizes these links. If you use the link exchanging process, then it is necessary for you to use the Website Link Count Checker tool to detect and remove those webpages which are not good for you. Webpages with bad conditions are harmful to your ranking. Analyze your site daily so that you can remove these kinds of shits from your website. 

Website Links Count

Website Link Count Checker Tool

The most worrying aspect for a website owner is to count the link (Both internal and External) on their website. Because more and quality backlinks can make your site rank. If you have close or broken links on your webpage, then it will harm your ranking in Google. Many of the websites on the internet are providing the links count checker tool for you on the internet. Just like all other websites, our site is also offering you this tool. You can use this tool to form our site. Now I am going to tell you all the features of this tool. 

Our Website Link Count Checker tool is free to use, and it is user-friendly. Our website’s tool will help you track all the internal and external links on your site. It will also tell you whether the backlinks are doing follow or No follow. You can also say that this is an internal and external links counter. Links are most beneficial for your website. This tool of our site will also tell you the value of those links whether the links are good or bad for you.

This tool will give you all the information about improving the webpage. Usually, SEO experts or WEB owners use this tool to check how much links are available on their webpage. 

How to use this Tool?

This tool is easy to use. It is user-friendly. Copy the link of the website which you want to check. Paste the copied link in the search bar and wait for a moment. The tool will use the algorithmic process to count all the links of the website. The device will give you the result in this form. 

  • Total links
  • Internal links 
  • External links
  • Do follow links 
  • No, follow links

Total links: total links mean all the links that are available on your website. The tool will count all the links, and it will also tell you which links are empty and which are useful.  

Internal links: These are the links found on your website. These links are commonly linked through the website menu. 

External links: External links are also called partner links. The more will be the external links, the more there will be the chances for a website to rank, but all the links should be from relevant sites and not from spammed sites. 

No, follow link: These kinds of link are harmful to threaten for the site, and they are in red. The famous websites like Facebook, Twitter are automatically No Follow. So, you must avoid these types of links. 

Do Follow: the links which are beneficial for the site and it allows other places like a search engine to follow them and reach to your site. These types of links will help you to rank in Google. 

Website Links Count


That’s all about the Website links and the website link count checker tool. Links are the most important for your website in ranking, but it is the condition that they would not harmful like No follow and others. After reading this article correctly, you will know all about the links and also about the tool related to this.

Keep sharing it with your friends so that they even know about this and can remove the bad links from their website. If you are satisfied with our information then like share and comment here to help us. I hope that there is nothing harsh for you to understand this. 

Thank You!


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