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About Word Counter Tool

Why it's necessary to count word?

When we start working online the priority is for us to write the content. Writing content is a useful skill. As a newbie, we do not take it seriously that the word counting is essential, but with the time we consider that the phrase counting has its importance. It may be a side issue for us, but it has its influence. Google favor that posts or articles which have a certain number of words in length with the targeted keywords and uniquely written, so that your item is readable for anyone.

You must use keyword density so, that Google knows that what is article mainly about? This is where the words counter tool is felt necessary. You can use the free online word counter tool to achieve a good length and perfect article for your blog. Word count is exactly meaning that how much word a document contains. There is a lot of more ways to count the word by some software's except the online tools like as Microsoft word, Notepad C++ and word perfect.

Word Counter Tool

Word count is required when you need specific words in an article. If you want to write the countless number in the document, then you do not need to count the world. World counting is mostly required when you are writing the SEO article, not in the academic assignments. 


When it comes about the google article the size of your posts matter. It does not matter that “the longer is the article is, the better” Do not misunderstand about it. A perfect web post is mainly between 400 to 600 words. Five hundred words are also right for the position. In this way word counting is essential. If you want to rank in the google, then a perfect length post and with the 4 to 5 targeted keywords are the best for your readers and for you to rank in search engine.

So here we almost know the importance of the word counter tools. As word counting is most vital in the articles so if we do not have these tools to count the words then imagine how much tough it is for us. How we calculate the words? A person will mainly take much time to count the word, and you must pay him to score the words of your article. Now you have known about the importance of the word counter which is available for you free.

It is also time-saving for you and money saving. So that’s why it is critical for you to count the word of the post before posting it. You do not need to calculate the word on your fingerprints here word counter tool is available for you which need copy and paste to count the words. Just copy your article paste in the box, and they too will automatically calculate the words for you. 

Use of Word Counter Tool

Use of the word counter tool is not severe. Every simple man can use it. It is straightforward. You have to select the device from anywhere and then copy your document and paste in word counter. The software will automatically count the words for you.   

It is not tough to use, but it does the tough work in seconds. Software's have made life too easy for peoples. We can do tough and time taking jobs with the help of software's in a short time and effortlessly. Software’s work for us free of cost. This tool is useful for every simple person because of his simplices. You can count words pf your report article and applications. Software's have made our life simple and easy. The software is now doing all the mighty works by copy and paste. If there is no software in the world, then our life must robust, and this simple work word counting also is done by us. We start to count the word and whole the day we did this work on the fingerprints. 

The lengthier you will write more chances for you to rank because you will not limit the keywords to just some words or some paragraphs which you want to list. If you will write the lengthy article it means that you are giving the variations to the keywords so any of the keywords could rank of your article so, do not limit your document just for one keyword. Make it more efficient by the length of material and by using more keywords so google will recognize your article and rank it. For writing a lengthy article, it is just that to count words and to count the word is only possible with the word counting tools. 

Word Counter Tool

We can also count the words by programming. We can count simple words and variables by the programming. A lot of websites give the apparatus for calculating the phrase. Some of the mechanisms of sites do not work correctly. They do not provide accurate results. This can be very dangerous for you if a word counter tool does not count your document words accurately. Your work could reject you because of not accurate counting.

For this, I suggest a website seochecklist.us which give this tool and the word counter tool of this site is splendid. It is straightforward to use here, and It provides an accurate output. You can check the reviews of the visitors of the site and also can read the comments. You can count your documents word by this tool without any hesitation.  

Thank you for being here and reading the post so, do not forget to use the tool and giving the review about our tool. Do comments and like the post. Stay connected with us.


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